Multichannel ASIO DirectShow Renderer was designed to help users provide any DirectShow source under Windows with support for ASIO multiple channel output, thus widening their range. This utility is compatible with a broad variety of multimedia players. The only requirement is that they support output filters, user-defined ones, to be more precise. In order to run as intended, users need to provide this utility with .NET Framework by installing it on their computer.

Some of the aforementioned multimedia players are Media Player Classic, Winamp or RadLight. The fact that it features support for multiple players enables users with a wide range of alternatives thus lowering the chance of compatibility issues that might occur.

The Multichannel ASIO DirectShow Renderer filter also provides users with a vast selection of additional components, aside from enabling ASIO multichannel support for their DirectShow sources. It is possible for users to choose their desired ASIO driver by selecting the most suitable item from the corresponding combo box. This can be achieved by accessing the standard configuration window.

This utility features support for a maximum number of 24 output channels and also provides users with volume controls they can use to tweak the filter's settings according to their preference. It is possible to either adjust the master volume or modify each channel's parameters separately.

Additionally, it can help users connect each input channel to a random number of output channels by relying on the N:N channel mapping feature it comes with. Furthermore, it packs Mono, Stereo and a wide variety of Surround modes.