If you need additional workspace but you don't have enough monitors, MultiDesktopFlipper can extend your desktop capabilities.

The tool is installed in no time due to its reduced size on disk, but it lacks portability and needs to be set up on every PC you intend to use.

The interface is simple and intuitive as it has just one drop-down menu and a checkbox. Also, two buttons can be noticed on the inferior part of the program, "OK" and "Cancel."

MultiDesktopFlipper lets you create up to four additional virtual monitors that can be selected from the "Desktops" menu. After the number of desktops is picked, the interface disappears, and the system tray gets to display the number of virtual monitors.

In the program's tray, the desktops are marked with roman letters, so the first one "I" will be your standard environment, the other ones, for example, if you use all screens, if you tap on "III" you switch to an empty workspace. Empty spaces can be used for running a multitude of apps and then hide them in the tray bar.

There are no setting or tabs for personal customization. The only extra thing you can do is to check the box near "Run at startup," and it will create your displays when you start your PC.

A setback would be the use of the same type of files or programs at the same time. For example, if you start an audio app on "I" and a movie on "II," the sound is heard from both at the same time. Best way to use this tool is to work with different processes to avoid the sound mixing.

In conclusion, if you need to extend your work on several monitors but you lack the physical means, MultiDesktopFlipper is an excellent tool for creating surplus space for your daily activities.

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