Creating a video game is a lot more than just pretty graphics and fancy animations. Advanced scripts also play an important role, because they are what defines each action and consequence. For a simple approach on designing a game, Multimedia Fusion Developer wants to put a friendly interface at your disposal with which to create your own games or small apps.

The application's main window might feel a little crowded at firs, but elements are pretty well-organized. The main workspace displays the currently active section, which can be the storyboard editor, frame, event or data. Moreover, a side panel provides quick access to all elements your project contains.

Depending on what you want the end result to look like, multiple frames can be created and populated with objects that hold triggers. Each element you select has a multiple dedicated sets of options, that range from text, movement, to events and runtime.

The application comes equipped with a handful of objects stored in categories. These are specially created to serve both decorative and functionality purposes, with a few categories holding control items, audio, files, network, time and more.

What's more, in order for everything to work, you need to create a set of rules by which objects interact. These are events that trigger if certain conditions are met. Conditions can be created for nearly every object you place on the canvas.

The application allows you to create actions and animations by combining in various possibilities. Inputs can range from pressing a mouse or keyboard button to whether or not certain elements are meeting following rules, such as if a song is playing.

Output mostly depends on your imagination, with the possibility to set other frames to pop in, compare values, or picking up objects. Even though not too much graphical complexity or stunning animation can be obtained, the application still manages to keep you busy for some time, because every action needs to be done step by step.

To sum it up, Multimedia Fusion Developer is a handy application in case you're looking to create games that resemble past times. A few examples can be fount to get an idea of the trues potential. It takes some time to get the desired result, but once you get to know it, you'll be creating apps and games in no time.