Whether your company needs several team members to collaborate on an important sketch, or you just wish to let your children have fun by drawing on a shared canvas, MultiPaint LITE is a useful application that can help you out.

It enables multiple people to work together on a project using separate input devices connected to the same computer. It offers a simple set of drawing tools and allows you to save your sketches as PNG files.

Normally, a program that can connect multiple users can be rather difficult to set up, but this is not the case with MultiPaint LITE. As long as each person has their own mouse, and they are all plugged into the PC, you can just launch the application and get to work.

Every participant can make use of a separate cursor, and each of them can pick any of the available tools, regardless of which of them the other users have selected.

MultiPaint LITE puts several utensils at your disposal, including a pencil, eraser and shape creator, and you can alter the size of the brush and choose from a number of available colors.

Unfortunately, however, while you can use the eraser to correct any mistakes, it is not possible to undo the last action to be performed.

Also, the program does not allow you to create text boxes and send keyboard input, so it can be rather difficult to insert annotations.

MultiPaint LITE is not a very complex program, so you should not expect it to offer advanced features commonly found in professional graphic design applications.

That said, this is a great software solution for teams who just need to share ideas and create basic sketches, as well as parents or educators who wish to provide children with a new way to have fun together.