Multiple Search and Replace is an advanced piece of software designed to help you find specific strings of text in order to replace or delete them.

The program comes in a simple yet neatly organized layout, unencumbered by visual graphics that would otherwise amplify its resource footprint.

Each function can be found in its own tab, allowing you to quickly find the feature you want to access or modify.

Although the program looks a little simple, the functions it can perform are vast and complex, offering you multiple search options and criteria.

For example, after a string of text has been found, instead of just replacing it, you can add another text before or after it. You can clear the found text or you can delete the whole line.

Multiple Search and Replace allows you to do one search at a time, allowing you to undo your actions, redo them if necessary, or to go ahead and find all the results.

You can specify which folders should be scanned or you can add multiple locations to be excluded from the search process.

Also, whole expressions can be excluded from the search with various combinations of search options and rules.

The search can be carried out among only files of specified properties, like the minimum or maximum size, the date they were created, last modified or last accessed.

Multiple Search and Replace can search and replace information in a multitude of text file formats, such as PDF, RTF, Excel files, PPS, Open Document format, Rich Text format and even webpages.

It can also search inside compressed files in ZIP, RAR, GZIP, TAR and BZIP2 formats.

The advanced search options and the user-friendly interface make Multiple Search and Replace a reliable and easy to use application, designed for quickly finding and modifying strings of text.