Multitone Pro is a small, lightweight tool designed to generate multi-channel sounds, based on the settings you make. The application can come in handy for audio engineers, artists or editors who wish to experiment the sounds on various frequencies.

Multitone Pro is very easy to use for anyone: whether you have in-depth audio engineering knowledge or you are a beginner, the program can be configured with no effort. Its simplistic interface lists all the options you can change, therefore, all you need to do is move the slider button to the desired value.

The program allows you to modify the available frequency channels and to change the respective gain for each one.

You may configure up to ten simultaneous sine waves, on separate frequencies. The frequency range is very large: you can work with a 50 Hz channel or you can set the value to 15,000 Hz.

Multitone Pro can produce a continuous sound, composed of up to ten channels, each with its own frequency and gain settings.

The gain parameter can be set to a value ranging from 1 to 100 and you may also set an additional, overall gain.

The global gain tool can be set on a scale from +0 to +4, as well as the frequency or individual gain, even while the program is playing the sound. On the other hand, the program cannot export the sound as a standalone file, to your computer.

Multitone Pro can produce a continuous sound, based on your settings, plus allows you to modify any parameter even when the audio engine is active. You may thus experiment the result of various frequency and gain levels. The program is simplistic, but it can come in handy for users who wish to work only with frequency and gain controllers.