MultitrackStudio Lite is a lightweight audio application whose purpose is to help you record, edit, and play MIDI tracks, and mix down the audio streams to stereo.

The program impresses with its well-structured suite of features, reminding of tape-based recording devices. You may add files in the working environment using the built-in browse button or drag-and-drop support.

MultitrackStudio Lite lets you import audio files from various file formats, such as WAV, GJM, GJS, MP3, AIFF, SAM, AEM, LST, MIDI, and MPT.

The application comes with support for several editing tools designed to tweak the quality of each track. You may alter the tempo of MIDI tracks and modify songs by moving or copying and stretching or warping parts. In addition, you can undo or redo your actions and delete the selected part.

Several audio track editing features offer you the freedom to change the volume, fade in or out of the selected part, reverse or transpose parts, correct the pitch, normalize the volume, as well as apply EQ or reverb effects. Vocal pitch correction is also on the list with options.

What’s more, you can employ a sing editor for inserting or removing parts of a song, work with multiple tracks in a single editor for editing different files at the same time, as well as create MIDI tracks from chords.

Several MIDI options are implemented for helping you choose between different instruments, emulate wheel organs, generate audio using samples, play back samples, and make use of several plugins for converting MIDI to audio.

The utility lets you apply a wide range of special effects, such as chorus, compression, echo, EQ, guitar amp, phaser, stereo, tremolo, vibrato, and vocal tuner, as well as record tracks.

MultitrackStudio Lite lets you change the sample rate of a file, merge two mono files into one stereo audio file, change the looks of the GUI by choosing between several themes, show the CPU/disk usage in the bottom bar, display an onscreen keyboard, stop playback at the end of a song, play MIDI notes while editing them, control its features using a pen (stylus) instead of a mouse, and switch to a touchscreen mode.

All in all, MultitrackStudio Lite integrates a powerful suite of features for helping you record audio and MIDI files, and apply various special effects.