Mus2 is a notation software program for microtonal and Turkish maqam music. It also comes with support for microtonal MIDI recording options. It is specifically designed to work with non- 12TET tunings and pitch systems, such as 53-TET used in Turkish music, and provides full control over lines and pitches.

The application integrates lots of symbols in the main window but the GUI does not look at all crowded. It places all notational tools in a dedicated box on the left side of the main window.

A large part of the working environment is focused upon the score where you can place multiple symbols. A help manual is available in case you do not manage to decode the configuration settings on your own.

Mus2 gives you the possibility to make use of a built-in player in order to listen to the created song. You are allowed to play or stop the current audio selection, and rewind or fast-forward.

What’s more, you can activate a metronome and choose between various types of accidentals or import them from SVG, NAC, MUS2, or NVT file format. Plus, you may acquire accidentals from fonts and fine-tune their vertical position and scale.

The utility lets you add information about the score, such as title, subtitle, composer, author, comments, and keywords.

Advanced parameters can be used for altering each note in terms of pitch, key signature, and MIDI key map. Cleanup actions can be employed for getting rid of accidentals and tunings from your score.

Other important options worth being mentioned enable you to zoom in or out of the score, insert additional bars in the score, shift notes and reset their position, undo or redo your actions, perform clipboard tasks (cut, copy, paste, delete), as well as record MIDI files by connecting a keyboard or other MIDI-compatible instrument.

You are allowed to print the score information or export it to JPEG, BMP, PDF, PNG, or SVG file format, as well as save the audio streams to AIFF, WAV, or MIDI file format.

Tests have shown that Mus2 carries out a task quickly and delivers very good output results. It is not quite friendly with system resources so the overall performance of the system may be hampered.

In conclusion, Mus2 comes with several advanced and useful audio parameters for helping you notate microtonal and Turkish music, and is suitable for rookies and professionals alike.