Music Files Batch is an easy to use and reliable software designed to quickly organize, rename, handle audio tags or otherwise manage batches of files. You can easily view your songs appropriately sorted into the correct folder, as well as fix ID3 tags in order to contain the right song titles and authors.

The program features a simple interface, due to its focus on speedy functionality and quickly performed processes. It can read audio files’ tags and sort them according to the artist names, albums or years, thus automatically creating playlists, that you can export and play with other applications.

Thanks to the program’s advanced searching function, you can easily identify songs duplicates and erase them. Additionally, you can view the newest music in a separate window, sorted by genre, artists or albums, above the main window, thus being able to compare the new songs with the old ones. The sorting is performed automatically, based on the ID3 tags.

The software offers numerous tools that enable you to modify filenames, as well as copy ID3 tag data and convert it to file title or vice versa. You can easily arrange the songs names, by removing track number or years from the title. Using the fix syntax function, you can automatically change filenames by switching to all uppercaps or lowercaps, capitalize every first word in the title, as well as correct the spelling of words such as “DJ” or “feat.”.

You can also manage the data contained in audio files’ tags, in ID3v1 and ID3v2 formats. You can easily copy the file name to the ID3 tag, or type in custom Title, Artist, Album, track number, year and genre.

Music Files Batch is a helpful tool for those who need to manage large volumes of songs, or arrange the filenames to the correct form, appropriate spelling, title, artist or track number. You can organize music files, find duplicates, based on audio tags, or modify a song’s metadata. Additionally, Music Files Batch can create playlists and publish them online or export them to be played in other applications.