Enjoying audio tracks from your computer can be a pleasant way to spend your free time, but that can be troublesome if you lack the appropriate means of doing so.

If you find yourself in the situation above and need a reliable software solution that can help you play your audio files, you can turn to Music Mode.

Installing this application can be done in an easy, effortless manner, as it can only be achieved via the Windows Store application and requires no additional configuration. It comes with a smooth, user-friendly interface that organizes its intuitive functions in a neat manner, thus providing you with high overall accessibility.

Given its simplicity, users can benefit from Music Mode Store App's functions regardless of their PC operating skills and without relying on any form of help documentation.

You can rely on this program if you need a handy software solution that provides you with basic playback options and allows you to enjoy audio content in an easy manner.

Based on the user-defined folders, this application performs quick scans on your computer, detects all supported files it can play and automatically adds them to the library. Adding extra music folders can be done by specifying them from the Settings pane.

Aside from the functions mentioned above, this program also allows you to enable crossfading between tracks and supports Last.fm account synchronization. Therefore, it provides you with a good range of capabilities regarding audio playback.

To wrap it up, Music Mode Store App is a lightweight application that allows you to enjoy audio content from your computer in an easy, effortless manner. It comes with a smooth user interface, intuitive controls and provides you with multiple handy functions that might prove to be relevant to your needs.