Multimedia libraries have steadily grown in size, as more and more music is released digitally. However good this trend may be, managing the audio  folders has become somewhat of a burden, more-so when faced with improper metadata entries. Music Tag allows users faced with such situations to easily fix any erroneous fields.

The lightweight program requires no installation and absolutely no knowledge on the users' part, as the entire renaming process is streamlined for a fast and painless experience. Specifically, with this utility, one can easily adjust song titles, as well as the artist, album, composer, and comment fields. Custom artwork can also be grafted onto any source melody.

A notable feature of the program is the ability to target entire folders and extract only the relevant audio files. This can be especially useful when dealing with multimedia libraries 'contaminated' with various other non-audio documents. What's more, the application can also edit the tag data of multiple documents at the same time!

This is performed with the “Mass Tag” and “Mass Rename” modules and up to five tags can be simultaneously edited for all the source songs. Full upper or lower case operations are also supported for any of the target fields - i.e. one can have upper case titles combined with lower case albums.

A filename generator can also be employed to batch rename songs with ease and one of the great features of this application is the 'preview' option. Employing this function allows users to detect any errors before any changes are actually made.

Summing up, Music Tag is a practical solution for users with large and messy song libraries, as it allows batch metadata editing operations. All tag fields can be targeted and one can also rename multiple files at the same time.