MusiCat is an intuitive application designed to help you make and manage different music collections. You can quickly catalog your preferred CD albums, MP3 tracks, LPs or cassettes.

The program is wrapped in a well-structured and clean interface, divided into several panels, such as "Tracks", "Entries", "TreeView", "Playlists", "Wanted Items" or "Loan Manager". Some of them can be hidden from view.

From the menu, you have the choices to bring up the music wizard, create a new entry, playlist, person or wanted item. The wizard guides you through a few steps to help you add your music from a Vinyl CD or the hard drive.

The first option enables you to scan the inserted CD and download the written data, while the second prompts you to browse the computer for the desired files.

MusiCat can handle MP3, WMA, OGG, MPC and FLAC formats. The folder categories are automatically created based on the imported music.

Double-clicking on a track brings up the properties editor, where you have the option to change the title, composer and artist, choose the music group (e.g. blues, jack, pop, rock), and enter the production year and rating.

It's possible to make new playlists with the imported songs by giving it a suitable title, and selecting the category and the creation date.

If you loan a digital or Vinyl CD to someone, and you don't want to forget about it, you can fill in the loaner's name, phone and email. The app lets you add songs you don't own yet to a wanted list and export the data to XML, CSV, HTML and TXT file.

The bottom line is that MusiCat is an accessible utility that comes in handy when you want to catalog your favorite tracks from multiple artists, organize them in directories and fetch the data from a digital or Vinyl CD.