RealStrat is an intuitive and comprehensive application designed as a sample-based music tool that incorporates various guitar sounds and techniques, in order to simulate the real instrument.

The intuitive interface as well as the ease of use make it a great program for both experienced and novice users, enabling you to perform guitar solos with a realistic output sound.

What is important about RealStrat is the fact that it provides you with numerous Fender Stratocaster guitar articulations and sounds, enabling you to create songs with the talent of a professional. This way, you can impress the Internet with your guitar playing skills and no one would ever know it is not a real instrument.

An important feature of RealStrat is the fact that it offers a virtual fretboard as well as a keyboard, so you can play using whichever feels best to you. Also, while you play, the application displays the notes, so you can learn how to reiterate them later.

RealStrat offers several MIDI modes, such as the 'Solo', 'Harmony', 'Chords', 'Bass and Chord', 'Bass and Pick' modes, while thanks to the extensive set of customizable features and mixer panels, you can fully appropriate the music you produce, despite it being sample-based.

The 'Pattern' section of the application enables you to select the desired types of guitar sounds, so you can easily play Blues, Funk, Jazz, Reggae or Rock and Roll from your virtual instrument, without requiring additional hardware.

Other important audio effects and techniques that you can use when playing include 'Slide Up' and 'Slide Down', 'Bend', 'Slow Strum', 'Tapping', 'Tremolo', or 'Legato'.

The great playability along with the many customizable options and functions make RealStrat an ideal tool for producing realistic guitar sounds, so you can use the application with the confidence that it can help you create great music.