Musictube is a small software application that allows the users to enjoy full albums or discographies from their preferred artist conveniently from their PC.

You can listen to millions of songs from You Tube very easy using this program that acts much like a traditional player.

Musictube plays album tracks in their original order and integrates album covers, artist pictures and lyrics.

This software application will play music from the most popular music video site You Tube, this means you will enjoy many hours of quality music right in the comfort of your home.

You are encouraged to try listening to a live performance or a cover version and not limit yourself only to the original studio version.

Musictube has an editable playlist you can enter data in and then enjoy hours of you favorite quality music.

The video can be shown as thumbnail or full-window size and can come in handy when you stumble upon a great voice in a live performance, cover or simply want to see better official music videos by your favorite artists.

The interface has a simple design with large controllable buttons for quick access to app's features.

Musictube is easy to use even by users that don't have PC experience.

From the main window you are able to search for your favorite artist and add the search results in your playlist, than the program will take the function of a standard music player allowing "play", "rewind", and "forward" options to be applied to the current selection.

The selection will play in the main window and if video is available for that selection is can be opened up and watched by pressing the "Video" icon in the main window.

Musictube is great software for music and music videos enthusiasts that don't always want to spend time accessing You Tube for their favorite music. The software application handles very well and plays very fast the selections in your list, sometimes making you forget you are not on You Tube.