Most of the time, music libraries are quite hefty directories that number hundreds or thousands of tracks. Adequately managing them can be a tedious task and users will often come across songs lacking adequate artwork. MuvUnder Cover: The Album Art Sleuth provides a solution for such cases, as it allows one to search for missing links on the Internet.

The program is highly accessible, as users need only to load their files or folders and click on the “Search for Album Art” button. The application will then connect to the Internet and probe various providers for matching cover entries, including Google Images or Amazon.

A notable feature of the tool is the ability to process entire directories quickly, including sub-folders. Drag and drop operations are also supported and one can even copy-paste items into the queue. Searches for more specific artwork are allowed, as users can choose from a drop-down menu between various supported countries. This can be very useful when looking for specific singers, for example UK folk artists.

Most audio formats are supported, including Vorbis (OGGs and OGAs), Apple Interchange Formats (AIFFs), as well as more common MP3s and WMAs. Once source items have been loaded, users have the option of searching online for matching artwork, or of manually linking local pictures to existing albums.

All operations are performed in a highly intuitive environment and obtaining palpable results can be achieved with just a few mouse clicks. When searching the online environment, one can define quality rules to exclude unsatisfactory results and automatic resizing modifiers can be applied to all downloaded documents.

All things considered, MuvUnder Cover: The Album Art Sleuth is an adequate tool for anyone with ample multimedia libraries. With it, one can scour the Internet for missing artwork or manually bind existing local pictures to multiple tracks.