MUX Modular is a plug-in that was created in order to offer users which are involved into high-quality audio processing, an interface that could provide a digital equivalent of an analogue sequencer. People will be able to use it as a flexible modular synthesizer (in both a vintage or high tech mode), high quality sample player or multi-band compressor.

Being deployed as a standalone plug-in for VST host applications, it will enable users an increasingly modular architecture that will yield high quality audio output. It features an extensive library of musical instruments and one can surely find the required audio adjustment within its impressive collection of predefined audio effects.

People will be able to also use it as a stereo reverberator and the plug-in offers over 300 waveform presets, with support for more, user-defined entries. It will automatically process the mono / stereo signal and avid audio mixers will be happy to know that it also offers slicing and recycling of sampled drum loops, with support for REX files.

Its flexibility will allow users to route all the mixer channels according to their preferred requirements and they will be able to arrange and customize the different features and buttons by easy drag-and-dropping operations.

Yet another useful feature, its deep modular editing, will allow users to build their own custom sequencer effects as well as instrument panels. Featuring an incorporated browser and supporting multiple displays, MUX Modular will provide extensive functionality for high fidelity audiophiles.