My Endpoint Protector implements a cloud-based data loss and theft prevention system for mobile devices, such as USB drives, memory cards, card readers, CDs and DVDs, smartphones, digital cameras, iOS devices, Bluetooth connections, or serial ports. Its purpose is to protect your network, making sure that untrusted devices are not connected to your PCs.

To affiliate a new device to the secured network, you must deploy the My Endpoint Protector Windows client on your computer and authorize the device for further usage. The server remembers all the trusted removable drives, and the client continues to monitor the PC for new connections, asking new devices for authorization before data transfers are performed. A temporary offline password can be created for devices you want to authorize, but don't want to enroll in the network.

Relying on a cloud system, My Endpoint Protector makes it possible for anyone to keep an eye on data transfers in their network, secure sensitive information, manage and control all the devices via a user-friendly web-based interface.

The advantage of an online management dashboard is that it can be accessed from anywhere, provided an Internet connection is available. Furthermore, it offers a centralized location to manage all the enrolled devices and protected computers from, view information about active users and devices, and manage access rights.

You can define content-aware policies to block specific data, read about device alerts, and generate comprehensive reports regarding connections, online computers, devices and users, and action history.

Devices are not protected by My Endpoint Protector unless you enroll them in the secure network, where all the connected computers abide user-defined security policies. And even if no Internet connection is available, the latest known policy is used to prevent data theft or loss, and synchronization is performed when the PC goes back online.

Working with My Endpoint Protector is not difficult at all, as it offers a centralized management dashboard with accessible options and conclusive graphs. Its powerful features make it a worth trying security tool that can enforce the security policy of your computer.