My Folders is a simple-to-use application that gives you the possibility to create a list with favorite folders to quickly access from the systray while working on your computer.

The tool comes packed with intuitive options that can be figured out with ease, even by users less experienced with launchers.

Setting it up takes little time, since there are no unfamiliar options involved. However, .NET Framework must be installed on your computer, while administrative rights must be applied to avoid startup errors.

Once deployed, My Folders gets integrated into the taskbar notifications area and shows a balloon message to alert you of its presence.

The main configuration panel has a simple design and layout, enabling you to easily tinker with settings. It's possible to indicate folder paths and assign display name to the links, as well as to sort them into different categories and give them unique names.

Menu settings can be saved with one click. Moreover, you can pick icons from a built-in library with 22 images (e.g. audio, video, favorites, utilities, web), choose the preferred icon size for the menu items (ranging from 16x16 to 48x48 pixels), disable icons, as well as ask the utility to automatically run at every Windows startup until told otherwise.

Once the program is minimized to the systray, you can right-click its icon to view the menu with categories and links, and click any link to open the corresponding folder in your default file browser.

To wrap it up, My Folders facilitates a speedy solution and user-friendly interface for creating quick links with frequently accessed directories. It's geared toward all user levels. CPU and RAM usage was minimal in our tests.