Smart and efficient data warehousing for your desktop, developed for home users, small businesses, power users and anyone else needing a modern and robust personal information manager. Manage, track and warehouse every piece of data important to you.

Password protection keeps your data safe and secure and your secrets remain a secret. Tabbed pages allow multiple windows to stay open for easy data retrieval.

There are five main categories for long-term data warehousing: General Info, People, Commercial, Dates-Events and My Stuff. Create MIM Notes dynamically for short term data storage.

General Info stores miscellaneous data and links to files on your hard drive or to a valid webpage. You set the categories and order your data to the selected category of your choice.

People is the branch where you store information for friends, family and anyone else you need to know about, whether right away or sometime in the future. Your data on them will never go missing. Enter data for the persons partner, or spouse, and their children, to include birthdays which you can track in the Fast Alert viewer which starts when My Information Manager starts and alerts you to all upcoming events and occasions with a specific time span.

You can also rely on the Email Addresses and Instant Messenger pages to stay in touch or updated with all the people you work with.

Commercial is designed for storing business information, from just a name with an attached phone number to the entire corporate structure.

Dates and Events keeps you in touch with all upcoming birthdays, celebrations, events and other occasions you need to know about. Fill in the date and event, and when it approaches My Information Manager will give you a heads-up, insuring you show on time or at the very least make a call.

My Stuff is where you keep data for your stuff. Bank numbers. Pins. Your cell phone number. Your partner's cell phone number. Your children's cell phone number. Your children's birthdays. Your partner's.