My IP Hide is a comprehensive and practical application whose main purpose is to hide your real IP address and protect yourself from Internet hackers and identify thieves, thus accessing blocked or unavailable services in your country such as Netflix, Skype, YouTube, Pandora or Hulu.

There are various companies - as well as countries - that block the access to specific websites (for example, Facebook or YouTube), but changing your current IP address enables you to access your favorite webpages within seconds and here is where My IP Hide comes in handy.

As it uses fast encryption algorithms in order to bypass Internet filters, the application enables you to access any webpage or service, without revealing your real IP address.

The main window is very simple and intuitive. It displays your current IP, along with the virtual one that you use in order to browse the Internet.

Additionally, in case you want to change the settings, you can navigate to the System Tray and access the proper option from the right-click menu.

The General tab enables you to start the application each time you launch the system, as well as integrate it with your web browser, be it Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. However, you need to install the proper add-ons in order to make use of the program.

The Misc section allows you to modify the proxy IP address and the port number, so you can use My IP Hide for other devices available in your LAN (Local Area Network) such as mobile phones or Playstations, without installing any other program.

To sum things up, My IP Hide proves to be an effective and reliable solution worth having when you need to access various websites, transfer data, listen to your favorite podcasts and view TV channels using an encrypted connection, so no one can discover your real IP address.