Since the beginning, a lot of women kept a secret diary where they wrote everything that happened in their lives, daily routines, important secrets or just simple thoughts. However, they weren't the only ones who had a personal journal. Men tend to have such instruments as well, in which they stored vital information about various people or locations.

My Little Secret is a comprehensive and classical application designed to keep your dairy records safe using a user-defined password. There is no need to worry that your secrets can be viewed and read by someone else, because with its secure login, you are the only one who can access them.

After installation, when the program is started, a password is required, namely "none", to be able to enter the tool and use its features. Later, you can change it to another combination of your choice. It's wrapped in an outdated yet intuitive interface in the form of a notebook and divided into a calendar and date information on the left side of the panel, along with a word editor and the most common commands packed into a standard toolbar.

When My Little Secret is run, it automatically shows the current date. If you wish to add a new file, just enter your personal ideas or thoughts and save it. To insert a new entry under another date, simply select it from the built-in calendar. The tool lets you search for distinct words or phrases and shows all matches in the list.

Plus, it's possible to insert images from the computer, resize and move them to any location within the editor. The supported file formats are JPG, BMP and GIF. You can navigate between notes using the back and next buttons on the upper part of the panel, as well as change the font type, size and color, and apply formatting elements (bold, italic, underline, paragraph alignment).

All in all, My Little Secret is a reliable and straightforward utility created to provide a simple yet secure method for composing diary entries with different subjects and customize the content to best fit your taste.