With the aid of My Personal Planner you can seamlessly manage your personal finances, keep track of a diary, create a scheduler and to-do list, as well as configure a wide range of settings. Although this may sound like a complex application, it actually contains intuitive options that can be figured out even by beginners.

The setup kit unwraps quickly and effortlessly. My Personal Planner adopts a comfortable-looking interface with a well-structured layout which has a calendar and hierarchical view that lets you swiftly select records.

You can pick an hour and a day to write calendar entries in simple text format, as well as explore several text effects needed to emphasize important notes, such as Bold, Italic, Underline, strikeout, highlight, or grow text.

It's also possible to insert links, tick tasks as completed, resort to a basic search function when dealing with large amounts of text, as well as keep track of your plans in a daily or weekly diary, weekly scheduler, yearly or quarterly planner.

My Personal Planner lets you enter personal goals and action plans, classify routine tasks, put together a travel checklist, create a family profile, card information sheet, to-do list and notes, as well as manage finances when it comes to the cash book, along with the monthly and yearly budget.

The project can be saved to file and password-protected to prevent other PC users from viewing your private data. Plus, you can change the text font or reset it to default.

No error dialogs popped up in our tests, and the software utility didn't hang or crash. It had a good response time to user commands and used low CPU and memory, so it didn't hamper system performance.

All in all, My Personal Planner comes loaded with some handy tools for managing private information. Too bad that it hasn't been recently updated.