My Photo Calendars & Cards is a sophisticated yet approachable application that provides a simple and easy method to create different calendars and cards for various purposes, like birthdays, events or annual celebrations for different occasions with the help of diverse elements, colors and images.

It's wrapped in an intuitive and user-friendly interface divided into a preview area, three tabbed panels (images, clip art, layouts) and the page window with all the entire year. When the program is run, you are asked what you'd like to do, and based on you choice, the tool provides all the necessary means to get the best results. If you already have an existing project, it can be opened from the computer. The supported file formats are CYL, CLD, CAL.

For the first the calendar, it's possible to select the template size from a wide variety, like desktop, A3, A4 and various wallpapers (12x18, 11x17 inches). After that, you can set based on your own time, the first month and year, holidays days, and when the week starts. You can edit multiple records simultaneously.

The images types compatible with the app are JPEG, PICT, TIF, BMP, PNG, PCT and PSD. It's possible to add a few effects like sharpen, skin tone, color vibrancy, or fade, as well as rotate them to any angle, zoom in and out, and apply round or rectangle borders. The same options are used for clip arts, which come bundled with an extensive collection, such as animals, love, people or celebrations. The "Layout" panel offers some predefined templates with specific positions, which can be easily changed anytime.

In addition, text can be inserted, by applying various font types, styles, color, alignment, rotation and flip. For each day of the month, the app lets you enter an event, specifying the cell tint, description, content style, and optional, a corresponding picture. Once done, the output can be exported to PDF or JPEG format, to be easily opened with other programs.

To sum it up, My Photo Calendars & Cards is a fun and reliable application that comes in handy for those who want to create beautiful calendars for personal use or as a gift for your friends, and different birthday cards for special occasions.