My QR Code Generator is a reliable program designed to generate QR codes based on custom input data, such as URLs, free text, phone numbers or vCards. The software can instantly generate the codes, then allows you to copy each of them to clipboard or save them to your computer as an image.

A QR code, or a Quick Response code is a matrix barcode, an optical label that can be read by several specialized devices and prompt a particular action. The codes embed many types of data which can determine the device to display a message, dial a telephone number, send a SMS, access a WiFi network or a website.

Depending on the attached information, a QR code can determine a file to be opened, an image displayed or a video to start playing. Thus, the software allows you to encode specific data and actions into a QR code. All you need to do is insert the desired data and the code is instantly displayed in the preview area. This way, you may view the encoded information before saving the image.

My QR Code Generator can create QR codes based on URLs, free text, SMS, phone numbers, vCards, emails, WiFi or payment recipient details. The software allows you to preview the code before you copy it to clipboard or save it to your computer as an image. You need to specify the image resolution for the output file, from those available: from 200 px up to 500 px.

My QR Code Generator also enables you to encode data regarding a proxy server you wish to use when you access the Internet by scanning a QR code. You may insert the proxy URL, port and authentication details, in order to facilitate a quick connection. All the data is converted to black or white pixels that can be read by a matrix scanner.