My Secrets Vault is a handy and reliable application designed to store your sensitive information and protect it from being accessed by others.

This application allows you to store Bank and Credit Card Account Information, Software Information, Valuable Descriptions and Photos, and Website Login Information in a secure and encrypted location on your computer. Lets face it, these days you need to keep track of a lot of Information such as User ID's, and Passwords.

For Banking and Credit Card Information, it's a good idea to keep all of your Account Information together, just in case you lose your check book or wallet. With Software, if something goes wrong and you need to re-install, its always nice to have your purchase information and software keys available.

For Valuables, it is always a good idea to keep purchase information and photos, just in case something gets lost or stolen for insurance purposes. With Websites, the one thing you do not want to do is use the same User ID and Password for many different sites.

With all of the Computer Hacking going on these days, if one website gets hit and your account information is compromised, you do not want the Hackers being able to use your information to get into other sites.