mydocs is a comprehensive piece of software designed from the ground up to help you organize Office documents from a single, streamlined environment.

Quick installation and easy login process

Assuming that Microsoft Office is already installed on your computer, the application undergoes a fairly typical installation process.

Upon first launching the utility, you are required to log in using your credentials, a username and a password. Once logged in, you are greeted by an airy main window that provides you access to a versatile workspace, similar to your computer's desktop, and the app's main console.

By simply glancing at the console, you should get a clear understanding about what mydocs is all about. In a few words, the program enables you to create Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents, send and respond to emails, respond to deadline alerts, to access certain document files and folders and to access recent Office documents.

Besides all of the above, you should also know that mydocs bundles a set of pre-installed templates that help you deal with Word, Excel and PowerPoint in a more accessible fashion.

For example, you can quickly deliver your Office documents by effortlessly composing emails with subject, address, references, complementary salutations and enclosures.

Another worth-mentioning feature is the fact that the utility makes it simple for you to scan and save PDF files to a folder of your choice. The PDFs are automatically detected by mydocs and can be opened with a somple click on the designated button on its main console.

This said, by now it is quite clear that mydocs offers you many advantages and quicker ways to access, send and organize your documents.

But that is not to say that mydocs could not be better. While its working environment is customizable and functional, the interface is not what you would call modern looking and looks out of place on newer versions of Windows or when compared to later Microsoft Office versions.