MyDraw is an application that could simply be categorized as a one-stop-shop for diagram drawing and mind map creation. It manages to offer cheery, full-of-life templates and dull, more-to-the-point designs for various scenarios of usage. Regardless of what you plan on doing with this app, if it involves some sort of organizational tree-like diagram, this app will more than suffice.

If you feel like you've seen the interface somewhere else, it is most likely because indeed the app's look is reminiscent of any number of Microsoft Office apps. Regardless, the button aspect and general tool arrangement are where the similarities stop. The content is indeed unique. Take for example the number of options one has when creating a simple work-related diagram.

There's a plethora of types and styles, including charts, carousel, card index, clipboard, or clapperboard designs. Each element within a certain template is adjustable to its core. You can add more elements or remove leftovers. You can color each bubble a certain way, and use various connection line types.

The best part about this app is it's versatile in all imaginable aspects. For example, you can use an already thought-out design or create your own. You have all the shapes one might desire in order to create a masterpiece. Add shadows to your added elements, and make sure the lines connecting these are as desired. Play with colors or choose a palette to make sure everything matches in the end.

The beauty of this particular app is in the fact that it offers many possibilities in terms of usage. For example, one can create an event schedule for a school or class. You've got all the tools. Why not create a stylish instruction pamphlet explaining what a certain company expects from its customers? That can also be achieved with MyDraw. Aside from classic templates such as Cause and Effect and Calendar, one can design emergency planning diagrams, floor plans, or even flyers and certificates for various activities.

MyDraw might be overlooked by some on account of its unoriginal interface. While this could be a valid argument against its originality, the app manages to implement and offer a set of tools that could actually help the user create interesting materials with great ease. As far as this last observation is concerned, few competing apps can offer the same.