MYLIFE Smart Organizer Suite is a comprehensive suite of Personal organization & record keeping programs for your Digital Lifestyle.

This ultimate Swiss knife of SW suite has over 90 programs covering most required programs to Document, Organize, Record, Picture, Account and Interlink each and every aspect of your life.

MyLife Smart Organizer Suite includes Diary, Contacts, Pocket Money, Personal Record, Hobbies, Photos, Home Management, Kids, Handhelds, Info, File Utilites.

MyLife Smart Organizer Suite is designed to fit a broad spectrum of users who may be beginners or power users, home users, SOHO users, Laptop users, homemakers or students, men and women.

MyLife Smart Organizer Suite helps users manage their LIFE digitally in this digital age, increasing your productivity and thus becoming the "E-Butler who manages your life"

MyLife Smart Organizer Suite is built with exhaustive set of programs, features and functions, all built using a compelling and highly automated interface.

It does all required tasks simply, quickly and automatically by unique Less Input - More output method of data entry and automatic data copying across various interlinked programs.