When handling big numbers or running any accounting calculations, a mistake can ruin your entire work. That's why a powerful calculator that can memorize the terms of your calculations is a must.

myOwn10-Key offers you the solution to this problem by providing you with a reliable calculator that can save every calculation you made, or add notes to every step.

The application allows you to save every calculation you made as a “tape”. You can later review that save point and continue from it, or check every previous step you made then.

Furthermore, myOwn10-Key allows you to add notes to each step of your calculations, so you will never forget why you made them, or which formula you applied in order to do so.

The program features a lot of options that can ease your calculations: you can add a thousands separator, change the color of negative numbers or derive a value.

myOwn10-Key comes with a multitude of keys that calculate various results: you can find out the reciprocal and square root of a number, as well as the percentage of it.

You can compute complex calculus, then add explanatory notes, so it will be easier for others to understand what you did.

Besides, the application allows you to set a default tax value, so you do not need to calculate it at every step, you just have to apply the function on a number. This comes in useful when calculating taxes and other percentage values, as the calculator can apply a previously set value directly.

myOwn10-Key is a reliable solution when it comes to tax deduction and accounting computations, as it offers you a dependable calculator with many additional options, that can make your work easier and faster.