Mystifier Studio is a powerful application that can help you develop applications using JavaScript. It consists of an editor that supports syntax highlighting, code completion and beautification, while also allowing you to debug and obfuscate your code.

Additionally, the program supports GitHub integration, making it possible to access your files directly from Mystifier Studio.

Mystifier Studio is designed to provide you with all the tools you need to complete your projects. You can write your code, run it with a built-in debugger and JavaScript engine, and then obfuscate it to prepare it for production.

The editor offers several features that can help you work more efficiently. It supports code completion and syntax highlighting, and it is also capable of improving your code’s formatting.

The included JavaScript engine is compatible with the ECMA standard, enabling you to run your code with a single mouse click. Moreover, it is possible to access the .NET Framework in your JavaScript project.

In order to protect your intellectual property and prevent others from stealing your code, you can take advantage of the multiple obfuscation tools provided by Mystifier Studio.

The application can run your code through several engines that rename, encode, scramble and pack its contents, thus securing your data.

As far as the UI is concerned, Mystifier Studio does not disappoint. The application has a fairly straightforward layout, and the editor panel can be resized freely.

The color theme is well chosen, and users who frequently work at night are likely to appreciate the dark background. However, it would help if some other options were available.

All in all, Mystifier Studio is a comprehensive software solution for those who want to develop JavaScript applications more efficiently. It offers a powerful code editor and several obfuscation tools, while also supporting GitHub integration.