Nowadays, it shouldn't be that difficult to organize all of your meetings and contacts into one place. One of the applications that could help you with just that is MyUltimateOrganizer.

It's a useful software solution that helps you organize and manage your contacts, tasks, meetings, expenses, anniversaries and many more.

The application takes almost no time to install and it sports a really intuitive and fluent graphical interface with plenty of neat features at hand. It comes with many additional styles that you can apply on the interface and it allows you to change the font size.

You can create new records easily, it comes with the option to set the default category in which you would like to include them. Pick from calendar, to do, planner or anniversary.

You can view the calendar and create lists with tasks that you want to complete, mark anniversaries, plan meetings and expenses. You can create your own address book, add notes, links, reports and create a database with all sort of passwords.

It allows you to arrange and organize your data in multiple ways. You can filter your contacts by multiple categories, including friends, business, customers and others. It lets you specify the total number of items per page and you can check the calendar with upcoming events.

The program comes with some predefined templates for entries in the calendar. You can specify the working hours and set a default duration for your meetings.

It allows you to publish information from the program, including the calendar, to do list, planner and address book. You can export them as HTML files and it also allows you to publish them easily.

All in all, MyUltimateOrganizer is a very useful application for keeping all of your activities and meetings organized, it lets you create various events and manage contacts in an address book.