myWordCount is a simple application that provides you with the possibility to analyze your documents so as to learn more on the character, word, or sentence usage in them.

Courtesy of Flesch-Kincaid grade level analysis, the software enables you to proofread your writing and to eliminate long, difficult to understand sentences, along with words that repeat too often. It examines each sentence and gives it a score, thus allowing you to easily spot those constructions that might be difficult to read or understand.

You can find overused items and eliminate them from your documents with the help of this tool. Moreover, you are able to discover and fix common style problems in order to provide your readers with a better experience.

myWordCount enables you to count how many times each character occurs in your text, and to create charts to better visualize that.

The program also counts the usage of words, phrases and sentences, and allows you to sort lists by item or usage count. You can also verify the frequency at which you use adverbs ending in “ly” in your text, and you can find and eliminate those that appear too often.

With this tool, you can save the analysis results, or you can print a report that includes all word and phrase usage data, along with sentence length info.

The software comes with support for a variety of document formats, including .doc and .docx files, .txt, and .rtf. Moreover, it allows you to analyze web pages through simply entering the URL of the desired page. The application provides you with support for opening Scrivener project files in order to analyze their content.

All in all, myWordCount might prove a handy tool for text examination and proofreading for many. The app is fast, includes support for multiple document types, and also offers a variety of analysis options at an affordable cost.