Back in the days, compressing files was done for the sole purpose of saving some of the local space. However, with web connectivity growing stronger file archiving proved to be essential in sending multiple items in one go and, if supported, secure the package with a password.

mZIP is a simple alternative for extracting the content of archives, designed for the modern environment in Windows, which is generally aimed for touch-screen devices.

The app is installed straight from Windows store and the entire process does not take long to complete. As soon as finished the icon takes its position in the Start Screen.

Looks are rather austere as there are no options available except for navigating to the archive you want to open and then to the location you want the content to be stored. To make the job easier there is the possibility to select multiple files at once.

However, the functionality of the application resides in the fact that it supports a neat collection of archive types. Apart from ZIP, RAR and 7Z (7-Zip compression), it can also open TAR, TGZ, LZMA, BZ2 and TLZ. JAR, the package format for Java class files for distributing applications and libraries, is also on the list of supported file types.

mZIP has not been designed for the power-use but as a quick and easy way to extract data from regulat archives that are not protected in any way.

It may come as useful utility for a beginner when accessed from a touch-screen but the lack of additional functionality does not make it suitable for the average user.