Creating Flash movies, animations and effects has never been this quick, easy and fun! With various preset animation effects, templates, tools and wizards, the flash creation is only a matter of a few clicks, simple enough for beginners.

And with ActionScript 2.0 editor, which includes automatic code completion, parameter information, automatic member registration and more, it is truly powerful enough to satisfy any Flash professionals.

Import and export any SWF files, when you want to either create your own animation movies or just to edit the existing ones to add your originality to them!

Here are some key features of "FreeMotion":

■ Importing and editing SWF movies

Namo FreeMotion supports importing Flash movies in SWF and EXE (Flash Projector) format, compatible with movies created with Flash v4, v5, v6 or v7, including full action support. Script written in ActionScript 1.0 or 2.0 can be decompiled and displayed in the Action panel.

■ Saving a movie from the Firefox browser

When you are browsing a page with a flash movie in Firefox, you can catch it and save it to your local folder for further modification and use.

■ Creating Flash Video file

When you import a video file to Namo FreeMotion, you can save the video as an external Flash Video file (*.FLV) so that you can play it using ActionScript 2.0 without embedding it in the movie.

■ Action script editor

Namo FreeMotion's Professional Action Script Editor assists you by providing functions such as syntax highlighting, auto member lists, parameter information, and auto code completion.

■ Motion tween

Namo FreeMotion supports creating Motion Tweens which allow an object to move around the canvas, as well as scale, rotate, and skew. And you can set the tween's rotation angle, speed, etc. in the Property panel.

■ Shape tween animation

The Shape tween animation makes objects in the start and the end frames change their own shape, deform, or transition from one shape to another.

■ Image tween animation

Image Tween animation in Namo FreeMotion enables one image to be changed into another between the designated start and end frames.

■ Selection tool

With the Selection tool, you can not only select a whole shape including its fill and stroke at one time or separately, but you also can select a certain part of the shape. After selecting a part, you can move or delete it or set separate properties for it.

■ Lasso tool

The Lasso tool is used to select the desired area of a shape on the canvas by dragging the mouse free-hand. Once selected, you can drag, delete or set properties for the selection.

■ Symbol converting options

Besides converting an object to a movie clip or button symbol, you can convert it to a Graphics symbol with Namo FreeMotion.

■ Gallery panel

Namo FreeMotion features a new panel, the Gallery panel. It stores ready-to-use resources for you to create art work conveniently. Currently, Namo FreeMotion provides resources for buttons and preloaders.

■ Sound Playback Settings

■ You can control the settings for individual sounds in the Sound Properties dialog box. The sample rate and bit rate make a significant difference in the quality and size of sounds in exported SWF files.


■ Web Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x or later

■ CPU: 800 MHz Intel Pentium III processor (or equivalent) and later

■ Memory: 256 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)

■ Free Disk Space: 45 MB

■ Display: 1024X768, 32-bit color


■ 30 days trial period

■ Nag screen