Napster is a music service that aims at offering quality and offline unlimited downloads for creating an impact on the market, a big-enough distinctive advantage that can compete with major streamline music services such as Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, YouTube Music, Deezer, etc.

Napster, in its current form, is produced and owned by Rhapsody International. For those who remember it and have used it in the past, Napster was initially launched in 1999, and it was a pioneer in the world of digitally shared music. Later, it was bought and absorbed by Rhapsody. Rhapsody has now relaunched as Napster, the music streaming service they acquired in 2011.

As it is presented today, Napster offers a bunch of features and plenty of cool customizations. Unfortunately, there are still countries where the tool is not yet available. If you want to check whether or not Napster is available in your country, look here. The service has three main pillars it focuses on — radio-based services, music streaming, and community-building.

The unRadio plan offers the personalized radio-based option, alongside online, ad-free, high-quality, cross-device music listening. In order to differentiate themselves from the competition, Napster will also offer a relatively affordable price plan with unlimited song-skipping.

The PREMIER plan is quite costly but it still is half the price of Tidal for example, which is targeted as a premium/luxury music service. The Napster PREMIER subscription includes the benefits offered by the unRadio plan, plus unlimited song, playlist and album downloads for offline usage and listening on home audio devices.

Other excellent additions to their PREMIER plan are the community-centric capabilities that allow you to engage with friends and people who share the same musical tastes; some of these options are: follow people/friends' accounts, find friends' music and add it to your library, see custom song recommendations based on the listening patterns identified in the accounts of the people you follow, etc.

With great capabilities and extraordinarily promising features, Napster aims at becoming more than just a music streamline service. Its ambitions indicate that Napster wants to grow into a more mature service, strongly connected to its users' needs.

Napster is a large music collection, the kind of service you easily get attached to because it offers the possibility to invest, customize, and create your favorite musical combinations and playlists. Moreover, you can connect with other music listeners that are just like you, which in time, will stimulate fidelity and a strong sentiment of belonging to the community.