NAT32 is a networking tool that enables you to grant Internet access to computers found on a local network by routing data through your computer.

With it you are able to share LAN, WLAN, WWAN and Bluetooth connections between desktop and mobile devices.

To be able to do this, you only need to run the application on your computer, as it will play the role of an enhanced IP router. It provides advanced Internet Connection Sharing for up to 8 interfaces.

A good thing about using NAT32 is the fact that the computers which are connected to yours, require no complex setup, or none for that matter as the data packets simply pass through the NAT32 router. It’s designed as a multi-threaded operating system that offers full TCP/IP networking support and along with its dual-stack architecture provides flexibility for IP routing.

NAT32 displays a user-friendly interface but it still requires a bit of time to get used to. Everything you need to configure the application is made available in the ‘Console’ window. The main functions are displayed in a tree menu on one side, and on the other, along with the actual settings you get explanations for what each function does and how you can customize it.

The utility enables you to interact with the Interface Selection and Gateway selection mechanisms, display hosts in the network neighborhood, perform administrative functions, and terminate thread execution. As far as configuration goes, NAT32 offers application mapping, Dial-Up networking, DNS and Gateway settings.

In closing, if you're looking to create a network and provide Internet access to other computers you can certainly try NAT32.