NativeJ Express is a small Windows application whose purpose is to help you create executable files out of JAR items. The generated executable is optimized in order to launch your Java program on Windows.

It doesn’t require knowledge of C compiler and JNI code, as it simplifies the entire process to several clicks. The utility gives you the possibility to create Win32 launchers for any executable JAR file.

You are welcomed by a clean and intuitive GUI that embeds all configuration settings under a single panel. There’s support for an online help manual that provides information about the program’s capabilities but it’s not mandatory to consult it as the features are highly intuitive.

NativeJ Express helps you create an executable file in only three steps. You need to confirm the executable JAR file runs correctly and provide the JAR item. Additionally, you may add an ICO file from your computer.

With just one click on the 'Generate launcher' button, the utility processes the JAR file and provides details about the entire process via a log. At the end of the task, you are given the freedom to dismiss the current project, copy log data to the clipboard, as well as run the 32-bit EXE file to test it.

By default, NativeJ Express saves the newly created executable file to the same folder where the JAR item is stored. You cannot manually specify a saving directory.

All in all, NativeJ Express proves to be of great help for creating Win32 launchers using minimal user intervention. On the downside, it doesn’t offer support for Win64 executable creation, custom process parameters, native splash screen, version information, and other custom messages.