If you live in the big city and are used to the occasional burning of midnight oil, then you must know how it is to have sleepless nights. That is when a useful app such as Nature Sounds To Sleep 2015 can come in handy.

Its extended library of nature sounds will surely bring back those nights when you slept like a baby.

It doesn't matter if you're using a PC or a mobile device, these high-quality sounds will surely find their place in both cases. The app allows you to listen to sounds you would normally only find in nature such as bird chirps, rivers flowing, rainstorms or the sounds of the jungle.

One limitation worth mentioning is that there are no settings that allow you to put the sounds on loop, and considering each of them lasts only a couple of seconds, it's hard to imagine how you will be getting any sleep if you have to be in front of the screen pressing the "Play" button every five to six seconds.

The greatest feature this application has (most probably the purpose it was created for) is the ability to set reminders and use the sounds of nature as a reminder tone.

This idea is good if you are using the feature to remind you to perform certain tasks. Unfortunately, if you are trying to use it an alarm to wake up, bird chirps and the sound of rivers might not be the best solution.

Nonetheless, the reminders you set can be snoozed and dismissed just like any other regular alarm application.

Given the features it has but also the limitations that come along with it make this application useful more as a daytime reminder to check on your work of E-mails than as a solution for insomnia