Even though evolution of information technology increases the speed and stability of Internet connections, it's best to have working material stored on your computer just to be on the safe side. There are various tools available that make it easy to download content or even whole pages for offline browsing. Amongst others, NCollector Studio comes equipped with a handful of tools in this regard.

Everything you get to work with is cleverly organized in a modern and visually appealing interface. Based on custom projects, you can easily set up the task so it perfectly blends with your needs, with no surplus content downloaded.

Regardless of the action you choose, several steps need to be taken before being able to view the result. General info is required, such as URL and project name, with more advanced steps giving you the possibility to configure parser options for HTML, CSS, Javascript and more, set up custom keyword filters, as well as selecting file formats to look for.

Features worth mentioning range from searching images either using Bing or Google, browsing complete websites offline, downloading multimedia files, to website crawling or mirroring. The application lets you save custom project configurations so you can easily update offline information.

However, be prepared to spend some time gathering data, because it can take a considerable amount of time to make an entire website navigable in offline mode. One feature that is missing, is an integrated web browser so you can easily copy URLs and other details without the need of external applications.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that NCollector Studio is equipped with nearly everything you need to store a piece of the Internet that mostly interests you on the hard disk drive. The intuitive design gets you quickly up and running and with a decent connection the job can be done quick and flawlessly.