NCSwitch is a useful and efficient software solution whose main aim resides in helping you return to your default network configuration more quickly, particularly on portable devices, such as laptops or tablets, that frequently connect to other networks, such as public WiFi.

The program is quite easy to understand and work with, its usage relying on a wizard that guides you every step of the way and enables you to create a shortcut for quickly switching to your preferred settings.

By default, NCSwitch runs minimized in the notification area, allowing you to access and use it when needed, yet otherwise staying out of your way.

To get things started, you need to launch the application and follow the indicated steps, performing the required action at each stage. As such, you can select the ‘Save Location’ for the configuration you want to create, give it a name and choose an appropriate icon.

Subsequently, you can check the boxes corresponding to the items that should be restored, namely ‘Windows Firewall’, ‘Hosts / Lmhosts’, ‘Network Interface’, ‘Domain / Workgroup’, ‘Shared Folders’, ‘Internet Properties’, ‘Network Drives’, and several others.

NCSwitch also requires you to choose the network interface to be restored from a list of available options. Finally, the tool saves all these settings according to your preferences and creates a shortcut on your desktop. From this point on, you can just double-click the shortcut anytime you need to return your computer to that specific configuration.

To conclude, NCSwitch is a lightweight and reliable utility that you can resort to, if you are in the habit of connecting your laptop or tablet to different networks and need an easy means of returning to a preferred configuration.