NeatMP3 is a simple to use and reliable music editor and organizer, that enables you to rename your audio files, in order to identify them easier and to sort them correctly. The software can replace a song’s audio tag, by adding information about the artist, title, album, year or genre.

Whenever you load a song with an incomplete or absent audio tag, the software can search the Internet in order to find the required information and fill in the gaps. Additionally, you may insert the name of the artist, album, year and genre manually, thus customizing the song’s metadata.

Moreover, a song’s tag may be edited automatically, when missing, or manually. Automatic tag editing implies Internet browsing for information, and it is triggered when the tag is incomplete or invalid. Meanwhile, manual editing may be performed even if the audio tag is valid.

The software features a built-in music player, that you can use to preview the content of the files, and correctly identify them. Additionally, it can manage multiple files at the same time and save them to the specified directory, after processing.

You may easily rename the music files according to preset templates: you can pick the artist-title format, artist-title (year) or artist-title (album-year), for a better song management. The software can automatically organize the files by certain criteria, including artist and album names, year or genre.

The software supports playing and editing multiple music formats, since it does not alter the file’s content, only the metadata. Moreover, it does not tamper with audio quality, bitrate or encoding.

NeatMP3 is a suitable tool that enables you to fix incomplete music files’ tags, as well as easily rename songs. When acquiring music from different sources, you may find that the files are improperly named or missing data regarding their provenance. NeatMP3 is designed to fill in the missing information and help you to easily organize or sort your collection of songs.