Some DSL/Cable connections are not very reliable. Occasionally it would lose connectivity for minutes or hours at a time. Instead of waiting on the computer for the service to come back up, you can now use Net Shimmer to monitor it. Just set Net Shimmer to a well known web site such as, select the alarm to notify me when the site is up, and start the timer.

When the site becomes available, you will be notified by an alarm. You no longer have to check your computer every few minutes. Net Shimmer does all of the work for you. It can enable you to work on other tasks or to take a break until Net Shimmer sounds the alarm.

Net Shimmer can also alert you when one of your web sites is down. Just set the alarm to notify you when my web site is down. Net Shimmer will monitor the web site continuously to verify that your site is accessible.

Net Shimmer has both audio and visual alerts of the status of the site it is monitoring. It works on any internet connection, such as DSL, cable, wifi, and dial-up.