NetCD offers the capability of mapping CD image files residing on Web, yes, absolutely anywhere on the entire Web, into virtual CD/DVD drives on your local computer.

Here are some key features of "NetCD":

■ All the Benefits of Virtual CD/DVD Drives - Certainly with NetCD, you would enjoy all the benefits of virtual CD/DVD drives, like using other virtual CD creator tools. But, we have much more......

■ Safer, Easier Access to Your CD/DVD's - Accessing CD's through http connection is much safer than network neighbourhood file sharing, greatly avoiding virus infection.

■ Save Your Hard Drive Space - No matter a CD image file of 700M or a DVD image file of 4G you are accessing from a virtual CD/DVD drive on your computer, these image files actually do not occupy your disk space at all.

■ Easy to Use - You see a CD image file on web, for example,, or, copy and paste the URL to NetCD, and then you get a virtual CD drive on your computer. It is that simple.