Network Alarmer is a lightweight and simple tool to determine if network devices are online or not. The program can be set up to send email notices and phone dialing is also supported.

The targeted audience includes virtually anyone that is part of a computer network. Administrators will especially find it very useful, since alarms can quickly warn them of potential network issues. Casual users can employ it in order to track their air conditioners.

The tool comes with a very intuitive interface that allows users to immediately start network tests. There is only one window available and no other GUI objects are visible. This is a great feature since it streamlines users' experience.

All one needs in order to run the application is a network connection. This being said, it should be noted that the program does not have a 'scan for devices option', and users will have to manually insert the IPs of desired devices. Perhaps a future version will improve on this aspect.

One of the great features of this program is that it allows one to batch ping multiple devices. This allows one to effectively monitor the entire network with just a few key strokes. Users should, however, take caution, as erroneous input commands can cause the program to become unresponsive for a few seconds, for each invalid item.

If the tool does not receive feedback from the IP address, it attempts to contact users, either via alarm script URLs or modem phone calls. For the latter case, a working modem port has to be selected. This is the real power behind the application, since it allows network administrators to remotely watch over their devices!

Summing up, Network Alarmer is a highly useful tool for anyone who is in the business of network administration.