For many, it is very important to keep tabs on network traffic and ensure they don’t reach the limits set by their data plans. However, Windows doesn’t provide you with a whole of information in this regard, which is why you may wish to try a third-party app.

Network Data is a useful application that can help you monitor Internet traffic on your Windows 10 devices. It shows you a lot more than just total data usage, and it sports a user-friendly GUI.

The main application window consists of multiple panels that show traffic during specific intervals. You can view how much data has been downloaded or uploaded daily, weekly or monthly, as well as for the past 30 or 7 days, 24 hours, 60 or 30 minutes.

All this information is presented in a very accessible manner, and the large customizable chart makes it easy to identify trends or spikes that may require your attention. You can even switch between a light and dark theme depending on your preferences.

Network Data allows you to enter the monthly rate limit you need to observe, and it can display notifications when your daily or monthly usage goes past a certain value, as well as when you are getting close to exceeding your data cap.

Additionally, it is possible to create live tiles that help you monitor traffic for a specific adapter over a user-defined interval.

In a nutshell, Network Data is a great program for users who want to view more information about their network traffic than Windows can provide. You still need to rely on the OS for app-specific usage statistics, as the API doesn’t provide this functionality, but this application offers a lot of other details that are not accessible otherwise.