Neutral Trend TradeMax Basic Edition is a piece of software aimed at active investors and traders and designed to help them manage their trade data.

With this tax application, users can keep track of their trades effortlessly, while also being able to setup different investment accounts. However, the software is limited to a number of only 200 records per year.

The program can save data into categories, while also being able to automatically download price data, so that users can monitor changes.

Users are also provided with the possibility to record a variety of corporate events, including stock changes and spinoffs.

Neutral Trend TradeMax Basic Edition has been built with support for a variety of pre-defined profiles, so that it can be used by the vast majority of brokers. However, it also allows users to customize their own format, courtesy of a flexible reorganization algorithm.

With this tool, users can analyze their trading performance, courtesy of functions such as WashSales Detail Report or Daily Market Value Report. The app is capable of generating a variety of other types of reports too, and can also export Schedule D form.

The program comes with a Forex Rate Module, so that users can easily convert transactions from non-USD currency into USD figures.

The application is capable of calculating Wash Sales, and it can also generate gain/losses reports. Moreover, it can export data to be used in other tax software, including TaxCut.

The utility can import data from local files or directly from online brokers, for increased flexibility. A calendar view allows users to have a look at transactions by day, week, or month, thus making it easier to understand when certain transactions occur.

In conclusion, Neutral Trend TradeMax Basic Edition is a powerful application for active traders, providing them with a wide range of tools to keep track of their trades, performance, and income. It also supports multiple currencies, and can generate various types of reports for better management capabilities.