Every once in a while, your already gorgeous photos might need a color change to make them really pop.

And if you are looking for a tiny app that focuses on this function and this function alone, New Color can come to your aid.

The only way to get this app on your computer is to log into Microsoft Store with valid credentials and download it.

As long as your PC is running the newest iteration of Windows, you should have no issues installing it within seconds.

As already mentioned, New Color can help you replace the colors of various elements in your picture, so you need to start by selecting the source graphic file.

Unfortunately, only JPEG and PNG formats are supported, so you might need to use a third-party solution to convert your images to one of these extensions first.

Once you opened the file, you can explore the available swatches and look for a color that appeals to you. If you cannot find any that satisfies you, you can adjust the hue, saturation and lightness as you see fit until it matches your necessities.

You also get the HEX code for each color, so you can write it down for later reference or use.

Alternatively, you can rely on sampling from another picture.

Either way, you need to take the time and carefully draw the outline of the object of interest - you have the possibility to undo several actions or erase the newly painted color when needed.

When you are done with the touchup, you can export the result to JPEG to the folder you choose.

All in all, New Color can help you bring new life to your old photos by recoloring them and emphasize certain aspects of it.