NewBlueFX Stylizers is a comprehensive pack of video filters that you can use to apply special light effects to your projects. The plugin works with a variety of hosting applications and enables you to create a suitable atmosphere, such as soften the light or add hard shadows. Each filter comes with a series of presets.

NewBlueFX Stylizers comes with a series of light filters that you can apply to video in post-production. It represents a basic collection of effects, compared to NewBlueFX Stylizers Elite and NewBlueFX Stylizers Ultimate.

The plugin features four filters for manipulating colors, lights, add creative blurring and mosaic effects to the videos. The Glow Pro filter is designed for adding a surreal glow to the video, in order to soften the image or creating a strong atmosphere. The effects imply a mix of enhancing tools that can augment lights, colors, shimmer and add liquify levels.

Flicker is another filter included in NewBlueFX Stylizers, which allows you to adjust image brightness, contrast, saturation and add an animated, colored tint to it. Moreover, you can control the fading effect, for more impressive videos. The presets include Old Movie, Water or Moonlight.

The Mosaic effect can split the image into a multitude of small tiles, in order to add a texture to the video and either a futuristic or vintage atmosphere.

The Zoom Blur is especially suitable for dynamic images, since it can enhance the feeling of high speed and eerie vision. It combines image zoom with blurring effects and allows you to set a focus point as source.

Adding the desired atmosphere in a video can imply special filming techniques, lights on the set or simply post-processing using the suitable filters. NewBlueFX Stylizers is a collection of video presets that allow you to create impressive, dreamy, dark, dynamic, futuristic, ancient or relaxing feel in your videos. The plugin can integrate with applications such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, Black Magic DaVinci Resolve and Sony Vegas Pro.