There are many reasons to respect the BBC. Not only is it the world’s oldest national broadcast organization, but, since its inception, it played a significant role in British culture, throughout World War 2 and many other historical events. It also produced acclaimed original content, like the long-running sci-fi series Doctor Who, award-winning crime series Sherlock, or comedy classics like Blackadder or Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

And now for something completely different. News Reader for BBC News is not an official BBC application, so all that introduction is a bit irrelevant, but I just had to find an excuse to quote Monty Python. Spam, spam, spaaaam!

Like other applications created by Fetisenko, News Reader for BBC News uses a website’s news feed and presents it in a desktop app with a simple design. It’s this very simplicity that represents the program’s strength; even if the BBC News website has a good design, the way content is presented may prove distracting for some readers.

Of course, you could say this about any news website, so it shouldn’t be interpreted as form of criticism. I’m just trying to point out why News Reader for BBC News presents itself as a viable alternative for those who just want to read the news from their favorite source without any diversions.

You can browse all the categories found on the BBC News website, including World, UK, US & Canada, Business, Politics, Science, Entertainment and so on. The news items can be displayed in either a grid view or a list view, but you can also customize your interests and even choose to receive the feed in languages like Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili or Ukrainian.

Also, if you pin the application to Start, you’ll get a tile that acts like a mini-news feed in your Windows 10 start menu. While News Reader for BBC News is nothing revolutionary, it could be a neat addition to your desktop if “the Beeb” is your favorite source of information.