Nowadays, we get most of our news from the Internet, which is the reason why all the major publications and TV station also strive to have a strong online presence. Most news sites are usually well-designed and easy to browse, but if for any reason you don’t like reading the news in your browser, you can try a feed reading app.

One relevant example is News Reader for CNN.

The Windows 10 application has a very simple design, but one that is certainly less distracting than going directly to It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the platform, just that on any news website’s front page you will usually get highlights that are meant to capture your interest, smaller bits from every category and, of course, ads, none of these were put there to help you focus.

News Reader for CNN also has ads (unless you choose to remove them for a cost), but displays its news in either a grid or list view. Like on any contemporary website, titles are accompanied by photos and short descriptions, so it will be very easy to scroll through these items until something captures your interest.

Or, if you want to read all the latest articles, you can just click on the first one and then move to the next news piece without having to go back in the feed. You can choose to browse only certain categories (like U.S. Politics, Business, Entertainment, Sport, basically the same categories that you can find on CNN’s website). Also, you can choose between a light and dark theme for the app.

Probably the most useful feature is the program’s live tile support; this means that, after you pin News Feed for CNN to Start, its corresponding tile (that is also adjustable in size) will act as a mini-news feed (with text and images) every time you access the Start menu.

Despite the fact that the people who get their daily information from sources other than CNN probably won’t find this tool very useful, News Reader for CNN is still a well-designed tool that can make news reading more pleasant.